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Neil’s Pros and Cons on Internet Availability


10. On-line gaming capabilities

9. Downloadable maps and turn by turn
directions readily available (only applies
to the female gender, male's will continue
to be stubborn and attempt to find their way)

8. Yellow Pages for stalkers

7. Peer 2 Peer file sharing for pirated material

6. Ability to communicate without using
phones (Instant Messaging Services)

5. Paying the dreaded bills

4. Shopping at my finger tips. I hate going to
the mall. Plus, with online promotional coupons,  shopping on the intarweb can be cheaper than retail.

3. Ability to watch Chuck Norris in streaming video

2. Myspace for looking up your ex and

his/her new girlfriend/boyfriend

1. Looking up adult content



10. Information no longer readily available.

One must now utilize other resources

i.e. library, phone book, encyclopedia,

dictionary, maps etc. to hunt down information

9. Children will enjoy the outdoors for entertainment

8. Chuck Norris movies will become scarce with Beta Video Players no longer used commercially

7. Price for a single Compact Disc will rise to $24.99

6. Britney Spears' career will cease to exist

5. Children will type appropriately

4. "I'm Chris Hansen," will not be recognized in pop culture

3. San Jose will be under populated and cost of living will much more affordable

2. Businesses will be forced to employ actual carbon based beings to communicate with customers and clients

1. No more 7337 |-|A}{0|2S


PRO Explanation:


10. High speed internet via cable, DSL, and T1/T3 allow gamers to host and participate in a variety of on-line based games

9. Mapping out destinations and searching for points of interest have never been more accessible

8. Seeking information on certain individuals can be accessed using services such as: and

7. P2P file sharing makes it possible for individuals to share and swap files, pictures, videos, etc.

6. Cost benefits from Instant Messaging make this a very popular way to communicate. Plus, you are not limited to the number of people you’d like to communicate with at one time.

5. Online Billpay and other related sites allow the user to pay bills at the click of a button. 

4.E-commerce give customers an alternative when shopping for goods.

3. Websites such as:,,, allow users to view streaming videos of various genres.

2. MySpace is a very popular on-line network community with over 204 million profiled members.

1. Looking up adult content - #1 use of most internet users



CON Explanation:


10. Users complacent with information at their finger tips.  

9. On-line gaming and instant messaging contribute to child obesity in today’s society.

8. Streaming video provide users with whole or partial clips of various movies and videos

7. P2P makes it possible for individuals to download stolen or pirated music at no cost.

6. Immediate up to date media coverage.

5. Internet lingo will cease to appear in students’ work.

4. Predators use the internet to prey on young children through instant messaging and network communities such as Without supervision and lack of applying security blocks to content, young children become vulnerable.

3. San Jose’s Silicon Valley is the Mecca of all computer and computer related technology.

2. Online assistance becomes a nuisance after

awhile. I’d prefer an actual person to talk to .

1. “7337 |-|A}{0|2S,” aka “LEET HAXORS” short

for “Elite Hacker” is described as a hacker with

elite ability to terrorize people using the internet,

through viruses, worms, and various unethical

hacking methods.